Cards for the NOT A WOLF x Secret Lair collab.  ̶W̶o̶l̶f̶  Regular Human Guy Token and the set's bonus card Immerwolf, which sold out almost immediately! As a former Magic the Gathering judge and forever a wolf kid, this project was a dream come true. UltraPro Playmat of the NOT A WOLF Token available here. (2024)
Illustrations for the Young Horses Game, BUGSNAX (PS4, PS5, Epic Games Store) I worked as story editor on Bugnsnax and it's DLC as well. These illustrations were featured prominently throughout the game's quest journal, about 125 in total. Below is just a few of my spoiler-free favorites!
I AM NOT A WOLF, a choose-your-own-path novel written by Dan Sheehan and illustrated by Sage Coffey (2020) Published by Simon & Schuster. Below are a select few illustrations!
Coloring Sheet Illustration for Chicago Public Library's PRIDE celebration (2021)
Illustrations for WeTestify's Social Media (2021-2022).
Flash Sheet for Silver Sprocket's SICK TATS Quarenzine (2020)
Digital animated sticker pack for WeTestify (2020) Available on giphy, telegram, signal, whatsapp, instagram, and discord. Below are a select few!
Just for Fun!
Various Posters and Promotional Materials